Internet Banking - archive until 2022

On-line operating mode

Access to banking services 24x7 in real time. Efficiency and reliability of the service, independant of the work time with the internet banking system


Use of Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) issued by authorized providers of certification services in the country.

Levels of access

Setting individual rights of access to information and functions to each user, determined by the preferences of each customer of the bank and his needs.

Signing rules

Flexible rules for signing with the possibility to specify parameters for the amount of the transaction, as well as setting combinations of signatures for the authorized.


Functionality to perform various types of single and mass payments in bulgarian and foreign currency. Filling the payment order is facilitated through maintenance lists of contractors.


Fast and efficient access to detailed reference information about balance and movement in bank accounts. Functionality to save reports in various formats - Excel, Word, PDF.

Dear clients, With regard to the desire of Municipal Bank PLC to develop the products and services it provides, offering the most contemporary solutions for the use thereof, including in the field of security, we have the pleasure to inform you that as of 14.03.2017 all the payments effected via the Internet banking will be performed after the entry of a temporary unique code (authorization code) for one-off confirmation of the selected payment and other services. The specified functionality has been developed with the aim of increasing the protection of users, whereas it complies with the requirements and the final guidelines of the European Banking Authority concerning the security of the payments on the Internet. Upon signing with the qualified electronic signature registered in the system of the Bank, the users will receive an authorization code via SMS at a mobile phone, provided by the users in advance, which shall be entered for the performance of the requested operation. For use of the new functionality, we invite you to visit your servicing financial center, where you specify the mobile phone numbers, at which you would like to receive the authorization codes. The registration for the provision of the additional functionality, as well as the receipt of the SMS messages are free of charge.

Current accounting date: 03.01.2023
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